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Mock Hearings

A hearing represents your best opportunity to win a Social Security disability claim.

A hearing represents your best opportunity to win a Social Security disability claim. This is because the judge hearing your case begins fresh. Even if you have made mistakes in your initial claim, Evans Disability can present new ways that best supports your claim.

Evans Disability will carefully prepare you for this hearing. We collect medical records, develop a winning strategy, and prepare you thoroughly for the hearing. We will familiarize you with the process.

Preparation is absolutely essential when preparing for your hearing. It is vital that you submit in advance any additional evidence that you would like the judge to consider. Your judge will review your file and medical evidence before meeting with you, so it is essential that he or she has all of the information that will prove your disability.

Evans Disability will sit down with you and review your file with you. We look at both the positive and negative evidence in your file. We discuss what questions the judge may ask you. We know that thoroughly preparing our clients to testify has a major effect on their case. We do several things to make sure you are comfortable and well prepared before going to court.

This includes:

  • Pre-hearing conference where we walk you through what to expect the day of your hearing, who your Judge is and give you tips on things you can do to prepare.
  • Having video content that shows a mock hearing with tips from a former Social Security disability Judge.
  • Offering immediate feedback on your testimony
  • Providing you with sample questions to take home
  • Giving your homework assignments that will help you at your hearing 
  • Discussing any red flags in your case so that you have time to prepare before being put on the spot.