Attorney Fees

An attorney gets paid only if you win your case.

What holds many claimants back from seeking legal representation is the fear that it will cost them a lot of money.

It is very important to us that we make sure our clients understand how the attorney fee works and how our firm gets paid for our services. Unlike many other types of attorneys, we are paid a contingency fee. This means that we only get paid if you win your claim. There are no upfront payments or costs to have our firm represent you in your claim either.

When you hire Evans Disability to represent you in your claim, you will be required to sign an agreement regarding how we will get paid. This agreement allows the Social Security Administration (SSA) to directly pay your attorney if your claim is approved. The SSA reviews the contract before sending money to ensure that it meets the fee agreement guidelines and that your attorney only receives what they are entitled to receive. The SSA requires these agreements to be contingency based.

Our attorneys are paid the lesser amount of 25% or $7,200, of your retroactive benefits, also known as the backpay if you win your claim. Your monthly award for your benefits is not included in the attorney fee, only the retroactive benefits you are awarded. This amount is federally regulated and subject to change.