Legal Assistant

Rose enjoys relaxing at home and reading romance books and novels.


Championing Hope and Financial Security: Rose’s Journey with Evans Disability

With a distinguished nine-year tenure in the BPO industry, Rose emerges as a seasoned professional celebrated for her steadfast commitment and remarkable abilities. A valuable addition to the Evans Disability team, Rose’s transformative journey saw her ascend from an application specialist to an intake specialist and beyond.

A Journey Aligned with Empowerment

Rose’s voyage began in the BPO industry as a trainer after obtaining her trainer certification. Her undeniable expertise and unshakeable confidence propelled her through a series of well-deserved promotions while working for companies like T-Mobile. Rooted in a comprehensive background as a Customer Service Specialist and Representative, she possesses the versatility and proficiency required to effectively engage clients from diverse backgrounds and personalities.

Guiding the Path to Financial Security

As a pivotal member of the Intake team, Rose embodies Evans Disability’s core mission of providing hope, encouragement, and knowledge to disabled individuals. She plays a vital role in assessing claimants’ eligibility for the disability benefits program. With skill and empathy, she guides discussions, offering comprehensive insights into our processes and services, addressing claimants’ inquiries, and providing the support they need.

A Collaborative Force for Success

Beyond direct client interactions, Rose is an invaluable resource within the Evans Disability team. She readily extends her guidance and expertise to colleagues, fostering a harmonious work environment rooted in shared success and collaboration.

Passions That Resonate with Purpose

Rose’s personal pursuits harmoniously align with Evans Disability’s mission. An avid reader, she gravitates towards romance novels, immersing herself in captivating narratives that mirror the empowerment Evans Disability seeks to provide. With a passion for K-pop, Rose envelops herself in the music of her favorite group, BTS, drawing inspiration from their artistry – a testament to the encouragement and positivity that Evans Disability embodies. She also embraces the cultural richness of Korean dramas, finding connection in their stories of overcoming challenges.

Finding Tranquility and Balance

During moments of relaxation, Rose retreats to her sanctuary, finding tranquility through restful naps and leisurely pursuits. Her personal journey, transitioning from a BPO industry professional to a dedicated Applications Specialist and now Intake Specialist for clients at Evans Disability, stands as a living testament to her unwavering commitment and exceptional competence.

Empowering the Evans Disability Mission

Rose’s adeptness in navigating intricate processes, combined with her genuine concern for clients, embodies the essence of Evans Disability’s mission. Her multi-faceted interests beautifully complement her professional proficiency, extending her positive influence within the firm and into her personal pursuits. Just as Evans Disability walks with disabled individuals on their path to financial security, Rose stands as a beacon of unwavering support, empowerment, and hope.