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Legal Assistant

Rose enjoys relaxing at home and reading romance books and novels.

Prior to working with Evans Disability, Rose worked in the BPO industry for nine years. She was recruited as a Trainer right away after earning her certification. Eventually, due to her skills and confidence, she was promoted to a Training Supervisor, and she the ultimately to a Training Manager. Her prior experience as a Customer Service Specialist and Representative gives her the comfort to work with clients at our firm who come from a variety of different backgrounds and personalities.

At Evans Disability, Rose is an Applications Specialist and Legal Assistant and is responsible for helping applicants complete their initial applications. Rose makes it a priority to provide quality support to each claimant she serves. Due to her attention to detail, Rose always ensures that her work is done properly which in turn helps put our clients in the best position possible when starting their claim for Social Security Disability benefits. Additionally, she helps the firm in answering current clients questions, helping her colleagues when needed and overall maintaining a positive attitude.

Outside of the office, Rose enjoys relaxing at home and reading. She likes reading romance books and novels. Additionally, she enjoys listening to the music of her favorite K-pop group, BTS, or binge-watching her favorite Korean dramas. If you don’t find Rose enjoying any of the above, you can probably find her napping and lounging happily in her home.