Advanced Legal Assistant

On the weekends, Patrick loves driving his motorbike and exploring nature with panoramic views.

At Evans Disability, Patrick is an advanced legal assistant. He manages client appeals for reconsideration, administrative hearings, and Appeals Council review by submitting required information to SSA in a timely and professional manner. He also assists our team of attorneys with cases that need extra attention as well as cases that are appealed to the United States District Courts.

Patrick is well versed on the SSA disability process from beginning to end and has the ability to educate and update clients on their case status. He has a decade-long history of working in customer support. After developing his skills and knowledge at his previous job, he transitioned up from client services to team management.

In his own words, Patrick feels blessed to be a part of the Evans Disability team and deeply connects with our mission to gives hope, encouragement, and knowledge to people with disabilities.