Moe is a dedicated CrossFit athlete and enjoys traveling, reading, and listening to indie music.


Professional Background

Moe is a seasoned professional with a specialty in marketing and sales, having amassed a wealth of experience across diverse fields such as Telecommunications, Lighting Engineering, and Pharmaceutical Solutions before being handpicked and thoroughly vetted by Mr. Evans to join Evans Disability. Throughout his decade-long career, Moe has consistently thrived on challenges, successfully navigating obstacles and inspiring others to identify their needs and achieve their goals.

Role at Evans Disability

At Evans Disability, Moe serves as an Intake Specialist, a role perfectly suited to his excellent communication skills and attentive nature. He is dedicated to helping new clients understand the legal pathways to financial stability, providing comprehensive and accessible solutions to each case he handles. Moe listens carefully to every detail, ensuring each client feels heard and supported as they begin their journey with our firm. Ultimately, his goal is to achieve client satisfaction and the successful resolution of their cases.

Moe is a firm believer in Evans Disability’s core mission, which is to give hope, encouragement, and knowledge to people who are disabled, and help them find a pathway to financial security by walking with them through the Social Security disability process. His empathetic approach and problem-solving abilities make him a valuable asset to both our clients and our team.

Personal Life

Outside of work, Moe is a dedicated CrossFit athlete and enjoys traveling, reading, and listening to indie music. He cherishes spending time with friends and his beloved dog, Nova, and is always eager for new adventures and cultural experiences.


With a passion for helping others and a commitment to excellence, Moe exemplifies the values of Evans Disability and plays a crucial role in fulfilling our mission to support clients in their quest for financial stability.