Legal Assistant

Joanne likes adventure and travel, and she enjoys trying new kinds of vinegar for cooking and dipping experiences.

Meet Joanne, a proud Filipino native, whose career journey has been defined by her passion for providing exceptional customer service and technical support. With over a decade of expertise in customer relations, Joanne’s skills were finely honed before she joined the esteemed team at Evans Disability.

Evans Disability’s core mission is to give hope, encouragement, and knowledge to people who are disabled, helping them find a pathway to financial security by walking with them through the Social Security disability process. This mission resonates deeply with Joanne, and it’s what drives her every day.

Having worked extensively in training fellow employees and even management in her previous role, Joanne brings a level of professionalism and a positive attitude that has already made her an invaluable asset to the Evans Disability team. Her commitment to the core mission is evident in the way she approaches her work with genuine care and empathy.

Her ability to connect on a personal level with clientele from all walks of life has allowed her to foster strong relationships with our clients, instilling in them the hope and confidence needed to navigate the complexities of the disability process. Joanne understands that this process can be daunting for many, and her calming demeanor and extensive knowledge provide the assurance that clients need during this challenging time.

In her role as an Intake Specialist at Evans Disability, Joanne serves as the first point of contact for many of our new clients. Her responsibilities include educating potential claimants about the steps and processes involved in filing for disability claims. She takes this role very seriously, knowing that the information she provides can make a significant difference in someone’s life.

Beyond educating clients, Joanne also plays a vital role in providing ongoing support to our current clients. She takes the time to address their inquiries and concerns, offering encouragement and guidance throughout their disability journey. Her dedication to helping others find hope and financial security aligns perfectly with Evans Disability’s mission.

Outside of her professional life, Joanne is an adventurer at heart, always seeking new experiences and places to explore. Whether it’s embarking on thrilling journeys or immersing herself in different cultures during her travels, Joanne’s daring spirit is always evident. This sense of adventure and curiosity also translates into her work, where she constantly seeks ways to improve and provide even better service to our clients.

One of her unique passions lies in trying new kinds of vinegar for cooking and dipping experiences. Among her favorites is a vinegar native to her home, infused with garlic, chilis, ginger, and coconut, creating a truly tantalizing flavor. This love for exploration and appreciation of diverse flavors mirrors her approach to helping clients, as she recognizes that every individual’s journey is unique and deserves personalized attention.

When she’s not traveling or trying out new flavors, Joanne finds solace in spending time in her garden with her beloved dogs. It is in these peaceful moments that she nurtures her green thumb and finds tranquility amidst the beauty of nature. Her love for her pets also reflects her nurturing nature and her genuine care for others.

Joanne’s impressive professional background, paired with her adventurous spirit and passion for discovering new tastes, make her a standout individual both at work and in her personal life. As a vital member of the Evans Disability team, Joanne embodies the values of exceptional service, dedication, and a zest for life, making her a true asset to the organization in fulfilling its mission of giving hope, encouragement, and knowledge to those seeking support through the Social Security disability process.