Our Office Manager, Ivy

Director of Client Acquisition

Ivy has been with Evans & Evans, PC since 2017.

Welcome to Compassionate Leadership: Meet Ivy, Director of Client Acquisition


Step into the world of Evans Disability, a realm where compassionate leadership and exceptional client service seamlessly intertwine. Allow us to introduce Ivy, our esteemed Director of Client Acquisition, whose profound commitment aligns seamlessly with our core mission—to instill hope, provide encouragement, and share knowledge with individuals facing disabilities. Ivy guides our new clients on a transformative path to financial security through the complex Social Security disability process.

Guiding with Dedication

Ivy, a skilled and adept manager, leads by example, establishing a nurturing and collaborative environment that empowers our team members to flourish. Her leadership is not confined to guidance alone; she personally invests her time and energy in training and mentoring our client acquisition team. This dedicated approach cultivates a culture characterized by compassion and excellence. Each member is meticulously equipped with the knowledge, skills, and empathy required to deliver unparalleled service.

Empowerment in Action

Recognizing the challenges inherent to the Social Security disability journey, Ivy’s hands-on involvement is pivotal to the triumphs of our client acquisition team. With meticulous precision, she ensures that every team member is adeptly prepared to extend the utmost care and expertise to our valued clients and potential clients.

Artistry and Leadership Unite

Beyond her managerial role, Ivy’s artistic prowess as a professional singer gracefully enriches her contributions. Her performances resonate as powerful reminders of the innate strength and resilience within each individual. Ivy’s remarkable capacity to connect emotionally and intellectually, both within and outside the office, solidifies her stature as an exceptional leader within our domain.

Elevated Experience Awaits

When you elect to collaborate with Ivy and our devoted team at Evans Disability, anticipate an empathetic and seamless journey. Each interaction bears Ivy’s personal touch, assuring that you are genuinely heard, valued, and supported throughout your unique trajectory. Ivy’s immersive training methodology guarantees our team members possess the indispensable skills and expertise necessary to provide the highest echelon of care.

Your Navigator of Empowerment

Connect with Ivy and our dedicated team without delay. Together, we shall navigate the intricacies of the Social Security disability process, offering you the support and guidance you rightfully deserve. At Evans Disability, your journey constitutes our foremost priority, and we are unwaveringly committed to our mission.