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Hailey has a life-long passion for helping others, and works directly with new and potential clients to assess their eligibility and begin the first steps to obtaining disability benefits.

About Hailey

Our Director of Case Management. originating from the Northeast, Hailey’s journey transitioned to the vibrant landscapes of Vancouver, embarking on an enriching chapter in the Pacific Northwest. Her dedication to assisting others ignited during her teenage years, taking shape as she began her career as a snowboard instructor. With each student, irrespective of their capabilities, Hailey displayed her profound commitment by ensuring every individual received the necessary support.

This unwavering passion to assist became the foundation of both her personal and professional life, deeply intertwining with the core mission of Evans Disability.


East Stroudsburg University, 2018
Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Concentration in Counseling

Evans Disability Mission and Hailey’s Connection

At the heart of Evans Disability lies a mission: to offer hope, encouragement, and knowledge to the disabled, assisting them towards a pathway of financial security by guiding them through the Social Security disability process. Hailey, with her authentic connection to this mission, has made it the guiding force of her work. Recognizing the intricacies and challenges faced by many, she believes in walking hand in hand with each individual, ensuring their journey is less daunting and more empowering.

Professional Journey at Evans Disability

Since her inception into the dedicated Evans Disability team in June 2021, Hailey has been a beacon of guidance and support. Directly assisting new and potential clients, she has clarified the path to determine eligibility for disability benefits. With precision and empathy, she navigates clients through the application process, ensuring every detail aligns with Social Security requirements.

In her elevated role as the Director of Case Management, Hailey’s roles are multifaceted:

  • Thorough financial review of post-award client documents for utmost accuracy.
  • Working tirelessly for our clients to secure the benefits they’re entitled to.
  • Spearheading and nurturing the Case Management team.

A 12-year tenure in customer service stands as a testament to the genuine empathy and care she bestows upon every client, recognizing the myriad challenges in the disability benefits journey.

Personal Interests

Away from the rigorous demands of work, Hailey embodies the spirit of adventure. Sunlit days find her paddleboarding, roller skating, and traipsing through the serene Pacific Northwest. As winter casts its frosty spell, Hailey joyously takes to the snowy trails of Mount Hood, snowboarding with cherished ones.