Catherine joined Evans Disability in 2019. She helps our clients by making sure they get all of the claims they have been awarded.

Catherine joined the Evans Disability team in 2019. Her primary role is evaluating claims once they have been awarded to ensure that our clients are receiving the maximum amount of money they can receive. Additionally, she provides a helping hand to our clients through the appeals process if their claim is denied, making sure the process is clear and understood and continuing to fight for our clients through that difficult experience.

Catherine comes from a background of store management and was previously a competitive debater in both high school and college. Additionally, she worked as a Legislative Intern for the State of Alaska’s Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education, working to fight for the rights of disabled individuals as a liaison between disability-oriented organizations and government offices.

She is currently an undergraduate student at Washington State University pursuing a degree in Communications. She spends her remaining free time with her husband, traveling at every opportunity. She intends to go to law school once her degree is complete.