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Legal Assistant

Aaron approaches challenges with a commitment to learning everything possible, guided by the principle that his work must help people.

Professional Profile

Before joining Evans and Evans, Aaron held various positions across the PDX and SW Washington area, ranging from providing security for TV shows to working as a safety technician in a semiconductor manufacturing plant and delivering heavy construction equipment. After gaining diverse work experience, Aaron decided to return to school.

In 2019, Aaron returned home to care for his father, who was under hospice care. Concurrently, he seized the opportunity to continue his education. Enrolling in the Paralegal degree program at Portland Community College in late 2020, amid the challenges of the pandemic, Aaron successfully graduated with honors in the summer of 2023. Notably, this academic journey coincided with the joyous occasions of becoming a father to his eldest son in November 2021 and to twins in October 2022.

Professional Journey at Evans Disability

Aaron’s professional journey at Evans Disability commenced in July 2023. Here, he aims to be a knowledgeable source of information for clients, instilling confidence in their choice of representation with Evans Disability. Currently, he is working towards building the required experience to become an EDPNA, SSA’s acronym for a non-attorney representative.

Professional Philosophy

The driving force behind Aaron’s pursuit of a legal career is rooted in a lifelong observation of individuals being taken advantage of due to limited access to legal services. Throughout his education, he studied various topics he is passionate about, such as employment law, landlord-tenant law, elder law, litigation, and constitutional law. A distinguishing attribute he brings to this field is his proficiency in research, where he invests time in thoroughly investigating legal questions spanning statutory, constitutional, and case law, as well as administrative policies of the Social Security Administration.

Personal Mission and Alignment with Evans Disability

Aaron approaches challenges with a commitment to learning everything possible, guided by the principle that his work must help people. Motivated by his father’s life, who was denied disability benefits, he strives to assist those historically disenfranchised in the legal system. In his professional endeavors, Aaron is driven by a lifelong dedication to making a positive impact by providing accessible legal support to those who need it most, perfectly aligning with Evans Disability’s mission of giving hope, encouragement, and knowledge to people who are disabled, and helping them find a pathway to financial security by walking with them through the Social Security disability process.