H. Peter Evans

H. Peter Evans
Managing Partner

H. Peter Evans and his wife Jamie founded the company to help people with disabilities navigate social security. 

Welcome to the profile of Peter Evans, the managing partner of Evans Disability. Our firm’s mission is to provide hope, encouragement, and knowledge to individuals who are disabled, guiding them towards a pathway to financial security through the Social Security disability process. With Peter Evans at the helm, a highly dedicated attorney, we are committed to delivering personalized and professional assistance to our clients.

Education and Early Career

Peter Evans earned his law degree from California Western School of Law in 2000 and was admitted to practice law in Oregon in 2001. Holding licenses to practice in Washington State, both the Oregon and Washington United States District Court, and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Peter is authorized to represent Social Security disability clients across the United States. His early career involved working at the hearing office of the Social Security Administration, providing him with invaluable insights into the intricate claims process.

Passion for Advocacy

Peter’s passion for helping individuals facing disability-related challenges stems from personal experience. He witnessed his own father navigate the Social Security system, realizing the challenges and complexities involved. Serving as In-House Counsel for a local entertainment company, Peter gained valuable experience in diverse legal matters. Later, at the Public Defenders’ Office in Eastern Oregon, he honed his skills in criminal defense and jury trials, further enhancing his ability to navigate complex legal issues.

Specialization in Social Security Disability

In 2004, Peter joined David B. Lowry’s firm, focusing primarily on Social Security Disability claims. Over the course of five years, he successfully handled a wide range of cases, representing claimants and ensuring they received their rightful disability benefits. Witnessing the challenges faced by disabled individuals firsthand, Peter developed the tools necessary to effectively advocate for their rights.

Founding Evans Disability

Driven by an unwavering dedication to helping those in need, Peter established his own law firm, H. Peter Evans, PC, in Spring 2009. In 2013, he merged his firm with that of his wife, Jamie, forming Evans & Evans, PC, now operating under the name Evans Disability. As the managing partner, Peter has represented thousands of clients, providing guidance through the intricate disability claims process. Known for his meticulous attention to detail, comprehensive knowledge of disability law, and commitment to achieving favorable outcomes, Peter has become a “go-to” attorney in the field.

Expert Witness and Contributions

Peter’s extensive experience in disability law has positioned him as an expert in his field. Having attended numerous disability hearings, he possesses a deep understanding of the complexities involved in these cases. Recognizing his expertise, the Professional Liability Fund has sought Peter’s assistance as an expert witness, relying on his analysis and insight to identify potential mistakes made by other disability attorneys.

Beyond the Courtroom

At Evans Disability, we understand the importance of balance in life. While Peter is a dedicated advocate for his clients and manages the firm, he also cherishes quality time with his family and friends. An avid sports enthusiast, he enjoys participating in and spectating various sports. Additionally, Peter appreciates the art of fine cuisine and takes pleasure in exploring diverse culinary experiences.

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If you require legal representation for your Social Security Disability claim, Peter Evans and the dedicated team at Evans Disability are here to help. With our mission to provide hope, encouragement, and knowledge to disabled individuals, we will walk with you through the Social Security disability process, helping you find a pathway to financial security. Schedule a consultation with us today.

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