Mervin Kurniawan

Non-Attorney Representative

Mervin’s primary focus is to help prepare clients for hearing, helping problem solve the more challenging cases and help our attorneys with their United States District Court cases.

Mervin Kurniawan was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. When he was three years old, his family moved to Portland, Oregon. He has lived in Oregon ever since, and he considers it his adopted home. When he turned eighteen, Mervin became a naturalized citizen of the United States.

Mervin is a graduate from Sunset High School and Oregon State University, where he majored in Economics. In high school, Mervin participated in Sunset’s first ever mock trials team. He and his teammates won the regional competition and competed in the state competition.

Prior to Evans Disability, Mervin has worked as a housekeeper, a tutor, a retail manager, and a small-business owner.

Mervin’s role in Evans Disability is assisting the attorneys with filing paperwork to the various agencies involved in a disability claim. He keeps in contact with them to make sure that claims are being processed as expected. He also helps claimants understand the process of applying for disability. He has a passion for compassion and dignity. He believes that we have a collective responsibility to care for people who cannot work full time.

Mervin lives with his wife, and they hope to raise children soon.