Mervin Kurniawan

Mervin Kurniwan
non-attorney representative

Mervin has guided over 100 clients through the Social Security disability process.

Mervin Kurniwan


In alignment with Evans Disability’s mission to provide hope, encouragement, and knowledge to individuals facing disabilities, Mervin Kurniawan stands as a cornerstone of this unwavering commitment. As the embodiment of compassionate representation, Mervin’s journey in the field of Social Security disability advocacy has touched lives, transformed outcomes, and redefined the way disabled individuals navigate their paths towards financial security.

Advancing Hope and Empowerment

Mervin Kurniawan, a non-attorney representative at Evans Disability, has guided over 100 clients through the intricate web of Social Security disability hearings. His unparalleled dedication to each client’s success is evident in his meticulous preparation and unwavering support. Beyond mere legal representation, Mervin’s gift lies in his empathetic communication and attentive listening, fostering a sense of protection and readiness among clients facing the often stressful and critical hearing phase. In this role, Mervin has orchestrated the transformation of anxiety and uncertainty into triumph and relief, as countless individuals find solace in his compassionate guidance.

Aiding the Journey

Embracing his evolved role within the team, Mervin Kurniawan has now taken on the responsibility of ensuring that clients, irrespective of their stage in the process, are equipped with the insights, hope, and encouragement that define Evans Disability’s mission. His dedication to accessibility and expertise is unmatched, as he extends his guidance to those initiating their claims as well as those navigating complex procedural stages.

A Journey of Transformation

Before embarking on his profound journey with Evans Disability, Mervin Kurniawan’s perception of attorneys was shaped by common stereotypes. Armed with an Economics degree from Oregon State University, Mervin’s initial trajectory was towards central banking, with a focus on bolstering the economies of underserved communities. However, a chance encounter with Peter Evans shattered his preconceived notions, revealing the potential for attorneys to champion the marginalized. Impressed by Peter Evans’ dedication and empathy, Mervin joined Evans Disability as a legal assistant. Through diligent effort and a commitment to understanding Social Security disability law, he earned his place as a certified non-attorney representative after successfully passing the Social Security Administration’s examination.

An Impactful Legacy

Mervin Kurniawan’s journey through the disability claims process has spanned the entire spectrum, from initial client consultations to navigating complex SSA documentation, and even collaborating with attorneys on U.S. District Court disability cases. His most cherished achievements emerge when clients attest to Evans Disability’s transformative influence, enabling them to persist even when the system seems insurmountable. Mervin understands the arduousness of applying for disability firsthand, offering not just legal guidance but genuine encouragement rooted in his proven experience. His guidance stands as a beacon of hope, underscoring what it truly takes to secure a favorable disability decision.
In summary, Mervin Kurniawan’s role within Evans Disability is not simply one of legal representation but of empowerment, transformation, and hope. His journey exemplifies the pivotal role an individual can play in reshaping the narratives of those facing disabilities, embodying the core values of Evans Disability’s mission.