How A Lawyer Can Help

When you complete an application for Social Security disability benefits you are submitting information to the federal government and swearing under the penalty of perjury that the information you provide is true. That is only part of the reason why having a law firm help you from the very beginning can be helpful.

With an experienced firm they will sit down and complete the applications with you. This way we can help understand the complicated questions. Many firms tell clients to fill out their applications and call back once they are denied.

We work together from day one and review everything before it is submitted to Social Security meaning you are giving yourself the best chances from the very beginning.

It is also important to get doctors evidence early, which means more cases are won at the initial levels. Drafting specialized questionnaires for your doctor(s) to fill out, is one of the most important things a Social Security attorney can do for their client. We win many cases at the initial level because we work to get this information in your file from day one. We also sit down with you and give you a list of what you can do to help.

Even with the best preparation, many people are denied their claims. It is especially important to have an attorney if you are going to a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. In fact, often times if you show up to court without an attorney a judge will advise you to go get one and postpone your hearing. This results in an even longer delay in an already long process. So it can be best to get an attorney early.

Not all attorneys are the same.

The main complaint we hear from our clients who had other attorneys was that they met their attorney for the first time at their hearing!

Hearing preparation matters. We know that thoroughly preparing our clients to testify has a major effect on their case. We do several things to make sure you are comfortable and prepared well before going to court.

  • We hold several practice hearings where we pretend to be the judge.
  • Offer immediate feedback on your testimony. Provide you with sample questions to take home.
  • Give you homework assignments that will help you at your hearing.
  • Discuss any red flags in your case so you have time to think about your response ahead of time before being put on the spot at your hearing.

The other major portion to hearing preparation is ordering and submitting your medical records. We make medical records easy. We have a legal assistant dedicated to ordering and getting your records. Making sure that your medical records are up-to-date prior to your hearing is crucial. Many law firms tell you what medical records you need to get, but do not actually help you get them.

An attorney gets paid only if you win your case.

There are no out-of-pocket costs for attorney’s fees. If your claim is successful, the attorney gets paid out of retroactive benefits (backpay) you may receive. Attorneys are paid the lesser amount of 25% or $7,200, of your retroactive benefits.

Another benefit to hiring Evans Disability is the lasting support we provide. Even if you are awarded benefits, your case can be reviewed at any time to determine whether your benefits should continue. It is our policy to represent our former clients at no charge during these reviews. Many firms charge $1500 for this service. We continue to be available to our clients if they have questions even after their case is settled.