What Does a Disability Lawyer Do? A Guide to Getting Help!

What does a Disability Lawyer do? Discover how they can help win your case and uncover tips for securing the best support!

Facing the daunting task of claiming disability benefits? You’re not alone. With over 60% of initial SSDI and SSI claims denied, securing your rights can feel like an uphill battle. But there’s a beacon of hope: good Social Security disability lawyers who will work with you to ensure that you get the disability benefits that you deserve. This guide unveils how these legal allies demystify the process and significantly amplify your chances of success.

What Does a Social Security Disability Lawyer Do?

A Social Security disability lawyer specializes in assisting individuals who are seeking disability benefits due to a physical or mental impairment that prevents them from working. The following are some tasks that disability lawyers handle:

  • Assess Eligibility for Disability Benefits
  • Complete and Submit Application Forms Accurately
  • Gather and Organize Medical Evidence
  • Communicate with the Social Security Administration (SSA)
  • Appeal Denied Disability Claims
  • Prepare Clients for Hearings
  • Represent Clients in Court
  • Ensure Compliance with All Legal Deadlines
  • Guide You Through the Reevaluation Process
  • Secure Back Pay and Future Benefits
  • Reach out to your supportive medical doctors for their opinion regarding your disability
  • Provide help in reviewing and completing your many SSA forms

Do You Need a Lawyer to Get Social Security Disability?

You are not required to have a lawyer to apply for Social Security disability benefits, but having legal representation can greatly improve your chances of success. Your chances of winning disability with the assistance of a disability lawyer increase greatly, as opposed to filing and winning disability yourself without the assistance. According to one study having a Social Security disability lawyer almost doubles your chance of winning

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5 Reasons to Hire a Disability Lawyer

Navigating the intricate process of applying for Social Security disability benefits can be overwhelming, particularly when faced with the complexities of legal regulations and stringent eligibility criteria. For individuals grappling with disabilities, securing vital financial support through disability benefits is often a lifeline, providing stability and assistance in the face of physical or mental impairments. However, the journey to approval is riddled with challenges, requiring meticulous documentation, compelling evidence, and adept negotiation of bureaucratic hurdles. Below are five reasons that you should consider hiring a Social Security disability attorney.

  1. Expertise in Social Security Disability Law
  2. Higher Success Rate for Claims
  3. Assistance with Complex Paperwork
  4. Representation at Hearings
  5. No Upfront Costs (Contingency Fee Basis). We don’t get paid unless you win your claim.
4 Steps of a Disability Claim within SSA – Evans Disability

When to Consider Hiring a Social Security Disability Lawyer

There are some specific considerations when you should consider hiring a disability lawyer. These include:

  • Complexity of the Case: If your case is straightforward and you have strong medical evidence to support your disability claim, you may be able to navigate the application process on your own. However, if your case is more complex, involving multiple impairments or legal issues, or if you have been denied benefits in the past, having a lawyer can be beneficial.
  • Legal Expertise: Social Security Disability law is complex and specialized, and navigating the system can be challenging without legal expertise. A lawyer who specializes in Social Security disability law understands the regulations and criteria used to evaluate claims and can ensure that your application meets the necessary requirements.
  • Evidence Gathering: A lawyer can help gather medical evidence to support your disability claim, including medical records, test results, and statements from healthcare providers. They know what evidence is needed to build a compelling case and can ensure that all relevant information is properly documented and submitted.
  • Representation at Hearings: If your disability claim is denied and you need to appeal, having a lawyer represent you at hearings before an administrative law judge can be invaluable. They can present your case persuasively, cross-examine SSA’s expert witnesses, and address any legal issues that arise during the proceedings.
  • Navigating the Appeals Process: Navigating the appeals process can be complex and confusing, especially if you are unfamiliar with the legal system. A lawyer can guide you through the process, help you meet deadlines, and ensure that all necessary paperwork is filed correctly.

How to Find a Disability Lawyer for Your Case

The following are some practical tips on finding a disability lawyer for your disability case.

  • Get Referrals from Family, Friends, or Providers
  • Search for Disability Lawyers Online
  • Verify Specialization in Disability Law
  • Read Client Reviews
  • Check Bar Association Status
  • Schedule a Consultation
  • Discuss Fees and Costs Upfront
  • Ask About Their Claim Approach
  • Ask About Their Success Rates
  • Ensure They Can Handle Appeals

Secure Your Social Security Disability Benefits with Evans Disability!

The attorneys at Evans Disability have successfully worked with clients to obtain Social Security benefits during all stages of the disability process- initial applications, reconsideration, and after the appeals process. Call them today at 855-503-0101 for a free consultation, or contact them here.

Social Security Disability Lawyer FAQs

How Much Does a Disability Lawyer Cost?

Many disability lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means that they only get paid if you win your case. If you win your disability claim, the lawyer will typically receive a percentage of the back pay owed to you, up to a maximum amount set by law. This percentage is 25% of the back benefits only and SSA set a cap of $7,200 (This fee cap is subject to change from year to year and with COLA adjustments).

How Does A Social Security Disability Lawyer Get Paid?

If you win your disability case, the lawyer’s fee is typically calculated as a percentage of the back pay owed to you by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Back pay is the retroactive benefits owed to you from the date you became disabled to the date your benefits are approved.

How Long Does It Take for a Lawyer to Get Your Social Security Disability?

The time it takes for a disability lawyer to help you secure disability benefits can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of your case, the backlog of disability claims in your area, and whether your claim requires an appeal or hearing. If you were to win on the initial application, the minimum time to receive disability would be three months. If you were to win on a Federal Level appeal, this could potentially take several years.

What Qualifications Should I Look for in a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

When looking for a disability lawyer to assist you with your case, it’s essential to consider several qualifications to ensure you choose a lawyer who can effectively represent your interests. These qualifications can include experience, specialization, credentials, and accessibility for you.