SSA Adult Function Report (What It Is and How to Fill It Out)

What is an SSA function report? This simple guide explains the adult function report, why it matters, and gives you tips on how to fill out the form.

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Are you preparing to apply for Social Security Administration (SSA) disability benefits? 

The SSA Adult Function Report for disability is an important form to help you in your application process. This document provides the SSA with information about your daily activities and how your disability impacts your ability to complete them. 

It’s a critical part of your application and can make the difference between being approved for benefits. 

This guide explains the SSA Adult Function Report, why it’s important, and how to fill it out. 

With a clear understanding of the report and its purpose, you can ensure your application is complete and accurate.

What Is an SSA Function Report for Disability?

The Adult Function Report for disability is a form the Social Security Administration uses to assess a claimant’s physical and mental functioning. The SSA uses the Function Report to determine an individual’s eligibility for disability benefits.

This ten-page report provides detailed information about your functional abilities and ability to perform daily living activities. For example, you’re ability to walk, dress, eat, and bathe. 

The Function Report also assesses the claimant’s ability to perform work activities, including physical and mental abilities. 

Why Did Social Security Send Me a Function Report?

The Social Security Administration may send you a Function Report form as part of your disability application process. The form ensures the SSA has the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. 

The Function Report provides the SSA with detailed information about the applicant’s daily activities, functioning capabilities, and any limitations they may have. This information helps the SSA determine your eligibility for disability benefits. 

How Important Is the Function Report for Disability?

The Function Report is an integral part of the disability application process. It helps the SSA make an informed decision about whether or not you’re eligible for disability benefits. 

It’s important to answer all questions accurately and honestly, as the SSA will use the information to decide your eligibility. The SSA reviews the form thoroughly and may contact your physician for additional information. 

How to Fill Out an Adult Function Report for Disability (7 Tips)

The SSA Function Report is a ten-page form. You must fill it out completely and accurately to qualify for disability benefits. 

These seven tips will help you complete the form correctly.

1. Answer Every Question and Be Honest!

It’s essential to answer all questions accurately and honestly. The SSA will use your answers to decide on your eligibility. 

Filling out the form inaccurately or providing misleading details may result in a benefits denial.

Moreover, the instructions on the form state not to leave any blanks. If you do not know the answer, write “I do not know.”

Remember, this is your opportunity to share how your mental or physical limitation affects daily activities and your ability to work.

2. Answer Only the Questions Being Asked

Stop and think before you answer each question. It’s best not to provide information unrelated to the specific question. Only answer the exact question being asked. 

For example, one of the questions asks, “Can you drive?” It would be best to answer honestly but not volunteer other information. 

If you can not drive because it hurts your back, you could write, “I can not drive because the sitting position makes my back hurt and affects my ability to drive.” 

You would not want to write, “On vacations or special occasions, I drive. But otherwise, I do not.” 

3. Give as Much Detail as You Can 

Always provide as much information about the question as possible. The more detailed, the better. Vague answers may not help the SSA’s decision.

For example, one of the questions asks, “Do you prepare your meals?” 

You would not want to say “yes” without supporting details. For instance, a better answer could be, “I can prepare simple microwavable meals. However, I can not stand long enough to boil pasta.” 

4. Be Consistent (Some Questions Overlap)

Make sure your answers are consistent, as some questions overlap. The SSA looks for consistency to ensure you’re providing truthful, accurate information.

For example, if you answer one question saying, “I can’t stand for long,” then be careful not to say you can walk two miles to the grocery store in another question. Ensure all your answers align and make sense when put together.

5. Be Specific on Question 5 of the Function Report 

Question five on the SSA Function Report asks, “How do your illnesses, injuries, or conditions limit your ability to work?” 

The SSA will use your answer to question five to determine if you can do basic work-related activities and the level of your functional capacity. 

This is an excellent opportunity to share the exact reasons why you cannot work with your disability. This includes your ability to focus, maintain attention, complete tasks promptly, get along with co-workers, and follow directions. 

Therefore, providing as much information as possible in your answer to question five of the SSA Function Report is essential. Be specific and provide examples of activities and tasks you cannot do.

For example, describe why you can no longer work as a package handler because you cannot use your right leg.

6. Don’t Limit Your Answers to the Space on the Form

The SSA Function Report has limited space for each question. If you need more space to answer the question, use the “remarks” section on the last page of the form.

Use this area to expand on your answers to questions. Also, Make sure to answer all of the questions to the best of your ability.

7. Hire a Disability Attorney to Help You Complete a Function Report

Completing the Function Report correctly increases your chance of obtaining disability benefits. 

Hiring a disability attorney with experience filling out Function Reports will ensure your form is correct and accurate the first time.

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Social Security forms can be complex and overwhelming. It’s easy to make mistakes or leave out critical information. 

Plus, it takes a long time for the SSA to review disability claims. Getting it right the first time is crucial. It also reduces the chance of being denied benefits.

Hiring a disability attorney will ensure you get it right the first time!

If you have questions about the form, contact Evans Disability. Our Disability attornies will help you complete the Adult Function Report accurately and get much-needed disability benefits.

What Happens After the Function Report Is Sent to the SSDI Dept?

After the Social Security Administration receives your Adult Function Report, they will use the information to decide whether or not your disability qualifies under their definitions and standards for disability benefits

The SSA may also ask your doctor to complete a similar form to help evaluate your condition and abilities.

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