Is Neuropathy a Disability? Find Out if You Qualify

Is Neuropathy a disability? You may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. Find out if you qualify and how to apply.

Living with neuropathy can be challenging. The constant pain, tingling, and numbness can significantly impact daily life. But did you know that you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits to help you with your financial need? Understanding the criteria for disability benefits for neuropathy is crucial. Let’s delve into whether neuropathy qualifies as a disability and how you can navigate the process.

Is Neuropathy a Disability?

There are two ways to be found disabled due to Neuropathy. First, neuropathy can be considered a disability if it meets the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) criteria.Yes, neuropathy can be considered a disability under specific conditions. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has established criteria to determine whether an individual’s neuropathy qualifies as a disability for the purpose of receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). You can find the SSA listings for Neuropathy here:

To meet the SSA’s criteria, an individual’s neuropathy must be severe enough to cause significant functional limitations that interfere with their ability to work and perform daily activities. This can include limitations in mobility, coordination, sensory perception, and pain management.

Second, you can also qualify for disability benefits if your Neuropathy keeps you from working and making more than Substantial Gainful Activity. (Meaning your Neuropathy symptoms prevent you from making more than $1,550 (2024 SGA amount). (If you’re an adult)

Can You Get Disability for Neuropathy?

Yes, you can qualify for disability benefits if your neuropathy meets the SSA’s criteria.

Types of Neuropathy that May Qualify for Disability

Neuropathy comes in various forms, and some types may qualify for disability benefits:

  • Peripheral Neuropathy: Affecting the nerves outside the brain and spinal cord.
  • Diabetic Neuropathy: Caused by diabetes and affects the nerves of the feet and legs.
  • Autonomic Neuropathy: Affecting the involuntary functions of the body like blood pressure and digestion.

SSA Eligibility for Neuropathy Disability Benefits

To qualify for disability benefits, your neuropathy must meet specific medical criteria outlined in the SSA blue book. Check the criteria here.

My Neuropathy Meets the Criteria. Now What?

If your neuropathy meets the criteria, the next step is applying for disability benefits. Working with a disability lawyer can make the application process smoother. Take our 5-Minute Assessment Quiz to get started.

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How to Apply for Neuropathy Disability Benefits

  • Gather necessary medical records.
  • Fill out the disability application.
  • Include detailed medical evidence.
  • Follow your treatment plan.
  • Consider working with a disability attorney.

What if I’m Denied Disability for Neuropathy?

If your claim is denied, common reasons may include lack of medical evidence or incomplete application. Evans Disability can assist in appealing the denial and improving your chances of approval.

Tips to Increase Neuropathy Disability Approval

  • Get a Formal Diagnosis: Establishing a clear diagnosis is crucial.
  • Collect Your Medical Records: Provide comprehensive documentation of your condition.
  • Provide Detailed Medical Evidence: Include test results, doctor’s notes, and treatment history.
  • Follow Your Treatment Plan: Compliance with treatment shows the severity of your condition.
  • Provide a Detailed Work History: Demonstrating how neuropathy affects your ability to work.
  • Get a Disability Letter from Your Doctor: Supporting documentation from your healthcare provider is essential.
  • Submit a Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) Form: Describing how your condition affects your ability to work.
  • Keep a Symptom Journal: Record your symptoms and how they impact your daily life.
  • Get Statements from Close Contacts: Witness statements can strengthen your case.
  • Work with a Disability Attorney: Legal expertise can streamline the process and improve your chances of success.

Need Social Security Disability Benefits? Call Evans Disability!

At Evans Disability, we specialize in securing disability benefits for those with neuropathy. Our personalized approach and expertise can help you navigate the process with ease. Contact us today for a consultation. Or call us at (855) 503-0101.

Neuropathy Disability FAQs

What Is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerves, causing pain, numbness, and weakness.

Is Peripheral Neuropathy a Disability?

Yes, if it meets the SSA’s criteria.

Is Diabetic Neuropathy a Disability?

Yes, diabetic neuropathy can qualify for disability benefits.

Is Small Fiber Neuropathy a Disability?

Yes, if it meets the SSA’s criteria.

Is Auditory Neuropathy a Disability?

Yes, auditory neuropathy may qualify for disability benefits.

What Is Neuropathy Disability Score?

The neuropathy disability score assesses the severity of neuropathy based on various factors.